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Coming Fall 2022

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Welcome Reception

December 6

Check-in, get settled, pick up your EMPATH retreat package, and then join us on the beautiful ocean terrace for an evening welcome reception. See the schedule for details.

December 7

Day 1

Keynote presentation

Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell has been included on TIME’s Most Influential People list, and was once touted as one of foreign policy’s top global thinkers. He’s the author of five New York Times bestsellers, including 2019’s Talking to Strangers. Malcolm co-founded the company behind the podcasts Revisionist History and Broken Record.

The Power of Seeing Your Customer
Dan Madsen
Dan Madsen

How do you create and nurture an operational culture focused on results for prospects, residents and team members? Dan will share deep insights and success stories as CEO of Leisure Care and the One Eighty Foundation.

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Beyond Relationship Sales: How Empathy Drives Outcomes
Casey Jackson

An expert in motivational interviewing, Casey will explore key skills that help customers work through difficult decisions and achieve their goals.

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December 8

Day 2

Keynote presentation

Seth Godin
(remote via Geniecast) 

Seth Godin is the author of 20 bestsellers, including his latest, The Practice. Seth writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, leadership and most of all, changing everything. In 2018, he was inducted into the Marketing Hall of Fame.

Measuring What Matters to Achieve Sales Results
Alex and David
Alex Fisher
& David Smith

We compare industry data with Sherpa’s Best Sales Performers. What should we be tracking and measuring to increase conversions? How do we make an impact with the 90% of leads that go underserved and undersold?

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Is The New Lead Better Than The Old Lead?
Anthony Iannarino

What can our industry learn from professional B2B sales? Let’s avoid the pitfalls of the “lazy selling” that relies on buyer urgency to meet sales quotas. (via remote)

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Day 1 Breakout Sessions

Session 1

The DNA Of A Best Sales Performer

Alex Fisher & Casey Jackson

Who can we rely on to drive results? Let’s look at the empathic communication needed for transformational conversations with prospective residents, residents, and team members.

Session 2

Creating Opportunities In The Middle Of The Funnel
Jason Rock and Kristin KutacWard

Jason Rock & Kristin Kutac Ward

How should we be working leads in the middle of the sales funnel? It’s time to stop the madness of abandoning leads too soon in an attempt to boost sales conversions.

Session 3

The Role Of The Executive Director In Sales Effectiveness

David Smith & Dan Madsen

Why should you make your ED a sales leader? Support the team and strengthen your selling culture by having your ED involved in the process from planning to prospect engagement.

“EMPATH was a perfect blend of thought-provoking content, exciting topics to start shaping a new future for senior living and practical techniques that can be immediately executed. Our team came back fired up and ready to focus on what they had learned.”

Kevin Carlin, Chief Sales Officer, Meridian Senior Living

Join the Senior Living Sales Revolution.

Let’s meet and make it happen.

December 6-8, 2021

Santa Barbara, CA

Registration $2,000

Includes two full days of life-changing talks and group sessions with industry leaders. Plus an opportunity to meet Malcolm Gladwell.

Proof of vaccination will be required to attend EMPATH. If you have questions or concerns about our policies, please contact us